This is a list of enemies in EarthBound. It includes stats for each enemy, and is ordered according to the places where they are found in the game. This list, however, does not include general information or background about the enemies. Said information can instead be found in each enemy's main article. Please note that enemies that appear in more than one area will not be repeated.

In Onett

These enemies appear at the beginning of the game, until the player leaves the city of Onett, and includes the Giant Step area.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBrunawaydog Runaway Dog 4 5 15 8 14 0 4 $3 Bread Roll (4/128)
EBspitefulcrow Spiteful Crow 5 3 77 0 24 0 3 $5 Cookie (128/128)
EBcoilsnake Coil Snake 3 4 2 0 18 0 1 $4 Cookie (4/128)
Starman Starman Jr. 11 10 1 0 200 999 16 $20 None
EBpogopunk Pogo Punk 8 10 3 0 35 0 15 $18 Hamburger (128/128)
EByesmanjunior Yes Man Junior 8 9 4 0 33 0 13 $18 Bag of Fries (4/128)
EBskatepunk Skate Punk 7 8 5 0 31 0 12 $17 Pizza (1/128)
Frankfly Frank 12 17 7 5 63 0 50 $48 None
Frmarkii Frankystein Mark II 15 18 4 0 91 0 76 $31 None
EBattackslug Attack Slug 9 2 1 0 30 6 27 $6 Bomb(1/128)
EBblackantoid Black Antoid 14 13 4 3 34 25 37 $7 Cookie (32/128) (If not allied with Titanic Ant)
EBrowdymouse Rowdy Mouse 7 20 5 225 36 0 34 $9 Bread Roll (4/128)
EBtitanicant Titanic Ant 19 23 6 9 235 102 685 $150 None
EBcop Cop 15 18 5 7 75 0 86 $18 Hamburger (16/128)
Cstrong Captain Strong 20 24 15 8 140 0 492 $159 Boiled Egg (4/128)

Up to Twoson

These enemies appear in the road to Twoson or inside the city.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBrambilnevilmushroomRamblin' Evil Mushroom15105560095$15Ketchup Packet (8/128)
EBannoyingoldpartymanAnnoying Old Party Man2025650990130$32Protein Drink (2/128)
EBcrankyladyCranky Lady161863950200$17Handbag Strap (2/128)
EBnewageretrohippieNew Age Retro Hippie1914510870160$23Ruler (8/128)
EBunassuminglocalguyUnassuming Local Guy181351730146$19Toothbrush (16/128)
EBmobilesproutMobile Sprout171265799133$13Croissant (4/128)

Peaceful Rest Valley and Happy Happy Village

Enemies that appear in the valley that connects Twoson and the Happy Happy Village plus enemies in the village itself. This will also include the cave to the second sanctuary, Lilliput Steps.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBlilufoLi'l UFO18175313820223$14Skip Sandwich (4/128)
EBspinningroboSpinning Robo21227511317297$21Meteornium (2/128)
EBterritorialoakTerritorial Oak26305914541356$29PSI Caramel (1/128)
EBinsanecultistInsane Cultist1925820940353$33PSI Caramel (1/128)
MrcarpanterMr. Carpainter3345813262701412$195None
EBmightybearMighty Bear2931711670609$49Teddy Bear (2/128)
EBmoleplayingroughMole Playing Rough2228921030228$36Croissant (4/128)
EBmrbattyMr. Batty255294860304$30Jar of Hot Sauce (2/128)
EBmondomoleMondo Mole37509154981615791$400None

In Threed

All the enemies found in the zombie-infested city of Threed. This includes the tunnel to Grapefruit Falls.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBhandsometomHandsome Tom272511513316520$45Tin of Cocoa (8/128)
EBnogoodflyNo Good Fly23131031000415$26Boiled Egg (4/128)
EBputridmoldymanPutrid Moldyman3641952030830$53Croissant (4/128)
EBsmellyghostSmelly Ghost358910219450606$71Broken Iron (8/128)
EBsmilinsamSmilin' Sam3444171616155712$48Refreshing Herb (4/128)
EBtrickortrickkidTrick or Trick Kid30377121420570$47Bomb (4/128)
EBurbanzombieUrban Zombie312410151710700$58Hamburger (4/128)
EBuzombiedogZombie Dog3951301021001354$54Bottle Rocket (4/128)
EBzombiepossesorZombie Possesor28193091760950$81Secret Herb (2/128)
EBboogeytentBoogey Tent43691016579565500$407None
EBminibarfMini Barf4571101961607521$460None

In Winters

All these enemies are found in Winters. It should be noted that Cave Boys who drop Double Burgers are only found with Ness and Paula in the party. (See Winters, again.)

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBcaveboyCave Boy21335 / 7903140618$17Picnic Lunch (128/128) / Double Burger (4/128)
EBgruffgoatGruff Goat82312045020$9Salt Packet (16/128)
EBmadduckMad Duck122430551041$12Fresh Egg (8/128)
EBworthlessprotoplasmWorthless Protoplasm112127038017$11Cookie (32/128)

Grapefruit Falls

These enemies are found in Grapefruit Falls. The list is including enemies inside Belch Factory and, beyond Saturn Valley, in the third sanctuary, Milky Well.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBarmoredfrogArmored Frog371087520201566$77Broken Spray Can (16/128)
EBfarmzombieFarm Zombie312410151710700$58Cookie (4/128)
EBplaincrocodilePlain Crocodile405510123401928$62Meteornium (1/128)
EBredantoidRed Antoid2927104112301175$35Sugar Packet (16/128)
EBviolentroachViolent Roach302635920901757$80Secret Herb (1/128)
EBfoppyFoppy29915120101311$93PSI Caramel (2/128)
EBmostlybadflyMostly Bad Fly321615414101116$84Pizza (4/128)
EBslimylittlepileSlimy Little Pile426115722401978$124Bomb (4/128)
BelchMaster Belch50881620650012509$664None
EBranboobRanboob4163201232422486$158Picnic Lunch (2/128)
EBstruttinevilmushroomStruttin' Evil Mushroom292228715701492$95Rust Promoter (8/128)
EBtoughmobilesproutTough Mobile Sprout3327186179131865$119Sprig of Parsley (8/128)
EBtrillionagesproutTrillionage Sprout54881621104824030303$1358None

In the Dusty Dunes Desert

The following enemies are found in the desert that connects Threed and Fourside. In addition to those found outside, this list includes enemies inside the Gold Mine.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBbadbuffaloBad Buffalo6410411534104108$172Wet Towel (4/128)
EBcrestedbookaCrested Booka5373172426503011$130Picnic Lunch (4/128)
EBcriminalcaterpillarCriminal Caterpillar3716134025016830384$0None
EBcutelilufoCute Li'l UFO4932581162251519$110None
EBdesertwolfDesert Wolf576733224703740$114Sudden Guts Pill (2/128)
EBskelpionSkelpion41233780137211823$140Vial of Serum (4/128)
EBsmilinsphereSmilin' Sphere5065175233602218$191Meteornium (2/128)
EBgiganticantGigantic Ant54112175308813980$304Double Burger (4/128)
EBnoosemanNoose Man475218523101990$220Fresh Egg (2/128)
EBthirstycoilsnakeThirsty Coil Snake528018527002786$276Chick (8/128)
EBguardiandiggerGuardian Digger59129172138611017301$1467None

In Fourside

Enemies that appear in the last city of Eagleland. This list includes those found inside the Dept. Store and Monotoli's building, as well as those found in Moonside. The last section contains those found in the sewers that lead to Magnet Hill.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBannoyingrevelerAnnoying Reveler5877175028802373$268Protein Drink (8/128)
EBcrazedsignCrazed Sign6496175295983618$244Big Bottle Rocket (2/128)
EBextracrankyladyExtra Cranky Lady487017527703651$134Handbag Strap (16/128)
EBmadtaxiMad Taxi536838525302336$216Xterminator Spray (1/128)
EBmusicaMusica6985212029203748$341Sudden Guts Pill (1/128)
EBmysticalrecordsMystical Records63782012263352736$310Pizza (2/128)
EBscaldingcoffeecupScalding Coffee Cup552023519002462$280Cup of Coffee (64/128)
EBdeptstorespookDept. Store Spook82135192461029024291$1648None
EBabstractartAbstract Art6779197301604361$255Refreshing Herb (4/128)
EBdalisclockDali's Clock65664529602503$314PSI Caramel (1/128)
EBenragedfireplugEnraged Fire Plug608114530904321$346Sudden Gust Pill (1/128)
EBrobopumpRobo-Pump7011319543104797$349Super Bomb (2/128)
ManimaniEvil Mani Mani861451518608828139$1852None
EBsentryrobotSentry Robot77105171037205034$392Big Bottle Rocket (2/128)
EBclumsyrobotClumsy Robot881378330962032378$2081None
EBdeadlymouseDeadly Mouse63981822541609225$406Rust Promoter DX (2/128)
EBfilthyattackroachFilthy Attack Roach8433779399010543$432Secret Herb (8/128)
EBstinkyghostStinky Ghost90179184444013179$541Large Pizza (2/128)
EBplagueratofdoomPlague Rat of Doom7118019250182760115272$4464None

Winters, again

Winters, when visited the second time, contains new enemies. These include the ones near Dr. Andonuts's laboratory, the ones in the way to Rainy Circle, the ones near the Snow Wood Boarding School that have replaced the Runaway Dogs and such, and the ones found in the Stonehenge base.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBmightybearsevenMighty Bear Seven857611136708884$440Super Plush Bear (1/128)
EBarachnid1Arachnid!613023321604933$296Jar of Hot Sauce (16/128)
EBelderbattyElder Batty667233829404177$371Double Burger (4/128)
EBstrongcrocodileStrong Crocodile85131175417010122$495Super Bomb (2/128)
EBlessermookLesser Mook761021774011907640$467PSI Caramel (2/128)
EBwhirlingroboWhirling Robo7890185374365782$256Meteotite (1/128)
EBwoolyshamberWooly Shamber81911853911405397$458Multi Bottle Rocket (2/128)
EBpoweratomicrobotAtomic Power Robot119133258594026937$730Super Bomb (8/128)
EBmilitaryoctobotMilitary Octobot138147268604025607$637Meteotite (1/128)
EBmookseniorMook Senior10812225750170021056$715PSI Caramel (4/128)
StarmanStarman103126242554515523396$720Brain Food Lunch (1/128)
EBstarmansuperStarman Super112129242556831030145$735Sword of Kings (1/128)
EBstarmandeluxeStarman Deluxe14318627431400418160524$3827None

In Summers

Enemies found in the streets and museum of the city of Summers, and the boss Kraken encountered on the way to Scaraba:

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBoverzealouscopOver Zealous Cop697518732507448$420Double Burger (4/128)
EBtoughguyTough Guy7292182034209130$525Chick (32/128)
EBshatteredmanShattered Man1041381825694044690$2630Mummy Wrap (64/128)


These enemies are found in Poo's hometown Dalaam. Specifically, in the sanctuary found here, Pink Cloud.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBconductingmenaceConducting Menace10710720544523814792$574Bottle of Water (4/128)
EBkissofdeathKiss of Death91100197333010354$528Jar of Delisauce (2/128)
EBtangooTangoo96991920371514718$572Snake (16/128)
EBthundermiteThunder Mite8583201329320010798$430Bottle of Water (4/128)
EBthunderandstormThunder and Storm1111782135206570129026$4736None

In Scaraba

These are enemies found in the desert near Scaraba, the ones in the south near Dungeon Man, and those found inside the pyramid. All enemies found inside Dungeon Man have been found before at this point.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBbeautifulufoBeautiful UFO8687591339158257$426None
EBdreadskelpionDread Skelpion825740882141259908$609Ketchup Packet (16/128)
EBgreatcrestedbookaGreat Crested Booka1001102028452016365$604Beef Jerky (2/128)
EBhighclassufoHigh-class UFO9310360154337212385$456Skip Sandwich DX (4/128)
EBmastercriminalwormMaster Criminal Worm7340136037730082570$0None
EBarachnid3Arachnid!!!8786201344010449$412Beef Jerky (4/128)
EBfierceshatteredmanFierce Shattered Man10111612551601743$577Mummy Wrap (64/128)
EBguardianhieroglyphGuardian Hieroglyph94106202047012613064$470Pharaoh's Curse (4/128)
EBlethalasphieroglyphLethal Asp Hieroglyph8994215458011321$625Pharaoh's Curse (4/128)
EBpetrifiedroyalguardPetrified Royal Guard106173125573019163$628Sudden Guts Pill (4/128)
EBguardiangeneralGuardian General109214211831695390$3235None

In Deep Darkness

These enemies after in the Deep Darkness swamp. This list includes those found in Lumine Hall as well.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBbigpileofpukeBig Pile of Puke1201581626631019659$728Meteotite (2/128)
EBdemonicpetuniaDemonic Petunia102111265478015171$724Spicy Jerky (2/128)
EBevenslimierlittlepileEven Slimier Little Pile103101229326015075$579Multi Bottle Rocket (4/128)
EBhardcrocodileHard Crocodile1101282310522019484$692Super Plush Bear (2/128)
EBhostileelderoakHostile Elder Oak13414614116097617567$690Viper (16/128)
EBmanlyfishManly Fish83114229500015826$624Beef Jerky (4/128)
EBmanlyfishsbrotherManly Fish's Brother114123241152621015970$686Horn of Life (1/128)
EBpitbullslugPit Bull Slug797725217119994$543Salt Packet (32/128)
EBzapeelZap Eel9793295370012170$611PSI Caramel (2/128)
BarfMaster Barf136177243913190125056$3536Casey Bat (128/128)
EBfobbyFobby9884552401918348$620PSI Caramel (4/128)
EBconductingspiritConducting Spirit13013926558732930390$804Brain Food Lunch (1/128)
EBhyperspinningroboHyper Spinning Robo1221302855538328866$756Meteotite (1/128)
EBuncontrollablesphereUncontrollable Sphere11613427557718020389$796Broken Antenna (1/128)
EBelectrospecterElectro Specter1482032947309280261637$6564None

The Lost Underworld

These are enemies from the Lost Underworld area and the Fire Spring sanctuary.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBchomposaurChomposaur139183173128832044378$896Magic Fry Pan (1/128)
EBegoorbEgo Orb125140171592024180$836Skip Sandwich DX (8/128)
EBwetnosaurWetnosaur1261721721030033098$745Luxury Jerky (2/128)
EBevilelementalEvil Elemental121126307564035737$853Luxury Jerky (2/128)
EBpsychicpsychoPsychic Psycho12414430159125230094$682Food (4/128)
EBmajorpsychicpsychoMajor Psychic Psycho14515231161857439247$862Star Pendant (1/128)
EBsoulconsumingflameSoul Consuming Flame13163014602037618$768Meteotite (2/128)
EBcarbondogCarbon Dog1591743152167200$0None
EBdiamonddogDiamond Dog16723031103344154337738$6968None


These enemies can be found in the first portion of Magicant, and the Sea of Eden.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBloadeddiceLoaded Dice1461137775307010672$703PSI Caramel (4/128)
EBcarefreebombCare Free Bomb1352153115504014941$641Super Bomb (4/128)
EBelectroswooshElectro Swoosh14015640554333817075$791Sudden Guts Pill (4/128)
EBmrmoleculeMr. Molecule11897185280218708$659Magic Tart (2/128)
ManimaniNess's Nightmare172253311165488289004$4442None

Onett's Invasion and the Cave of the Past

After Ness returns from Magicant, Onett becomes invaded by Giygas's minions. These enemies include those found at Onett at that point, and also the ones in the final dungeon, the Cave of the Past.

Picture Enemy Name Off. Def. Speed Guts HP PP Exp. Money Given item (Chance)
EBevileyeEvil Eye141162382572040046736$896Meteotite (8/128)
EBghostofstarmanGhost of Starman152170464375046248695$807Goddess Ribbon (1/128)
EBmechanicaloctobotMechanical Octobot147176438768041738$744Meteotite (1/128)
EBbionickrakenBionic Kraken1551954219006050308$960Gutsy Bat (1/128)
EBnuclearreactorrobotNuclear Reactor Robot142185468798053142$820Super Bomb (16/128)
EBultimateoctobotUltimate Octobot163181448792047876$815PSI Caramel (16/128)
EBsquatter demonSquatter Demon15819245257746048311$897Horn of Life (2/128)
EBwilndnwoolyshamblerWild n' Wooly Shambler14417138572221233818$906Multi Bottle Rocket (8/128)
EBfinalstarmanFinal Starman178187472584086061929$915PSI Caramel (4/128)
HeavilyarmedpokeyHeavily Armed Pokey15018514517469990$0None
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