A list of Club Nintendo items available in Europe. Note that the items may not longer be available.

List of Club Nintendo items

Item Star value Availability
? Block Sound Cube250000Check
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising500001Xmark
Animal Crossing CD200000Check
Animal Crossing Mobile Wallpaper "Aziz"15001Xmark
Animal Crossing Mobile Wallpaper "Maelle"15001Xmark
Animal Crossing Wallpaper5000Check
Animal Crossing tune (Real Tone format)35000Check
Brill Baddies Set of Two Folders40000Check
Classic Kingdom Set of Two Folders40000Check
Bee Mario Mobile Wallpaper15001Xmark
Bowser Mobile Wallpaper15001Xmark
Bowser Wallpaper5000Check
Brain Training Pen50001Xmark
Club Nintendo T (Black) - XL350001Xmark
Cooking Guide Chefs Hat100001Xmark
DS Lite Value Pack (Super Mario)500000Check
Donkey Kong Key Ring150001Xmark
Donkey Kong Mobile Wallpaper15000Check
Donkey Kong Wallpaper5000Check
Donkey Kong tune (Real Tone format)35000Check
Family Ski Wallpaper5001Xmark
Game & Watch: Ball750000Check
Goodies & Baddies Set of Two Folders40000Check
Hanafuda Cards250000Check
Just Peachy Set of Two Folders40000Check
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror500001Xmark
Kirby Flying Disk250000Check
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time tune (Real Tune format)35000Check
Mario Game Rack450001Xmark
Mario Kart DS Mobile Wallpaper15000Check
Mario Kart Racing Collection: Peach200001Xmark
Mario Kart Racing Collection: Yoshi200001Xmark
Mario Kart Stopwatch350001Xmark
Mario Kart Wii Key Ring200001Xmark
Mario Kart Wii Lanyard150001Xmark
Mario Key Ring150001Xmark
Mario Mini Case & Luigi Mini Case250000Check
Mario Playing Cards250000Check
Mario Power Tennis500000Check
Mario Wallpaper5000Check
Mario, Luigi and Bowser foam walls450000Check
Metroid Fusion tune (Real Tone format)35000Check
Metroid Other M Ringtone 135000Check
Metroid Other M Ringtone 235000Check
Metroid Other M Ringtone 335000Check
Metroid Wallpaper5000Check
Metroid: Zero Mission500001Xmark
Mii Animated Wallpaper "Baseball Boy"15000Check
Mii Animated Wallpaper "Baseball Girl"15000Check
Mii Animated Wallpaper "Tennis Boy"15000Check
Mii Animated Wallpaper "Tennis Girl"15001Xmark
NES Classic Notebook400000Check
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Stickers100000Check
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wall Stickers400000Check
Nintendo DS Accessory Case (Brown)550001Xmark
Nintendo DS Accessory Case (Pink)550001Xmark
Nintendo DS Case (Mario Hat)250000Check
Nintendo DS Wrapping Paper30001Xmark
Nintendo DSi sock (black with white trim)100000Check
Nintendo DSi sock (white with black trim)100000Check
Nintendo Favourites foam walls450000Check
Nintendo Laptop Bag700000Check
Nintendo Points Card (100)40000Check
Nintendo Points Card (1000)400000Check
Nintendo Points Card (300)120000Check
Nintendo Points Card (500)400000Check
Nintendo Wallpaper 15001Xmark
Nintendo Wallpaper 25001Xmark
Nintendogs Mobile Wallpaper15000Check
Nintendogs Plush Dog100001Xmark
Nintendogs Wallpaper5000Check
Peach Key Ring150001Xmark
Peach Wallpaper5000Check
Pokémon Class Schedule20001Xmark
Pokémon Game Card Case300001Xmark
Pokémon Iron-On Transfer35001Xmark
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Bookmark20001Xmark
Pokémon Sports Bag300001Xmark
Pokémon Sticker Set25001Xmark
Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy385000Check
Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy - Platinum Edition485000Check
Stand for Wii Remote250000Check
Sun Visor Mario & Luigi Artwork250000Check
Super Mario Characters Figurine700000Check
Super Mario Galaxy Ringtone "Gusty Garden Galaxy"35000Check
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Jigsaw250001Xmark
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Guide350001Xmark
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Statue1500001Xmark
Toad Mobile Wallpaper15001Xmark
Wario Key Ring150001Xmark
Wario Land ringtone - 'Launchpad Labyrinth'35000Check
Wario Land ringtone - 'Mt. Lava Lava'35000Check
Wario Land Wallpaper 15000Check
Wario Land Wallpaper 25000Check
Wario Land Wallpaper 35000Check
WarioWare tune (Real Tone format)35000Check
Wii Golden Wheel400000Check
Wii Remote Wrist Straps in four colours250000Check
Wii Super NES Classic Controller700000Check
Yoshi Wallpaper5000Check
Yoshi tune (Real Tone format)35000Check
Zelda beach towel450000Check
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