Lisa Brilliant is a character in the F-ZERO series, first appearing in F-Zero: GP Legend. She is Samurai Goroh's wife and a member of his group of bandits. She drives the Panzer Emerald.



Lisa is Samurai Goroh's wife and Antonio Guster's older sister. Due to the rivalry between her husband and her brother, she finds herself in the middle of their many conflicts. It is unknown if she is Dai Goroh's mother.

GP Legend

During the events of GP Legend, Lisa partakes in the Grand Prix though she crashes after winning the race. Her ship is heavily damaged and she loses her memory. She then meets Goroh who is furious that he was poisoned. After the race though, Goroh is busy looking for the antidote to help his wife with her amnesia. She meets her younger brother, Antonio, who tries to turn her on her husband but, loses the race and runs away.

She then runs into Zoda, who makes claims about knowing how to give back her memory if she wins but backs out of the deal after losing the race. Black Shadow then appears, who also claims to have Lisa's memory. He challenges her to a race that if she wins, Black Shadow will restore her memory but, if she loses, she will become Black Shadow's servant. She wins but Black Shadow escapes. She then encounters Captain Falcon who tells her that Goroh will get mad if he sees her. She realizes that her memory has returned and needs Goroh to pay her back.




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