Linoan ​is on of the playable characters from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is the duchess of Tahra and the fiancée of Arion. She is around fifteen years of age. She is also a carrier of Heim blood, although she is initially unaware of it. She develops romantic feelings for Dean.


After the Grannvale Empire invaded Tahra in search of Leif, her father was executed, and their family's mansion was taken away. Linoan was imprisoned by a cruel surrogate, who constantly threatened her while interrogating her about Leif's whereabouts. It is mentioned that she forced to remain indoors during these two years in the captivity of the Empire. She was eventually rescued by Dean, who also protected her from the Empire's assassins. Dean always cheered Linoan up whenever she was about to break down. While she was certain that Dean was a well-known mercenary, she was not aware that he was actually working for Arion.

Some time before the game's events, the citizens of Tahra began a revolt against the Empire in response to the child hunts, and chose Linoan to be their new leader. However, King Bloom of the Manster District had no tolerate for this and ordered the Freege army to lay siege to Tahra. After all of her mercenaries fled out of fear, Linoan sent her trusted servant, Safy, to search for aid. When Leif eventually arrives in Tahra at Safy's request, Linoan is surprised, but nonetheless grateful for his help. At the beginning of Chapter 14, she learns from Eda that Areone has made many sacrifices to protect her.

When the Thracian army and the Schwarze Rosen arrive in Tahra to capture it, Linoan and the rest of Leif's army are forced to flee. Before they leave, she meets with Arion, who asks her to hand Tahra over to Thracia in hopes of preventing the civilians from being massacred. While Linoan agrees to this and asks to regain possession of Tahra upon her eventual return, she declines his offer to take her under his protection. In Chapter 21, she can visit a church and meet an elderly priest, who once knew her parents. At this time, is revealed that she heavily resembles her mother. She also learns about her heritage as a descendant of Heim and accepts his offer to awaken her power, triggering her promotion to Sage.

After Manster is liberated by Leif, Linoan learns about Dean's plans to return to Thracia and makes an attempt to stop him. She declares that she would rather give up Tahra than him and says that she cannot live without him. Although Dean sees her behavior as childish, he continues to stay by her side for the duration of the war. In the ending, Linoan returns to a war-torn Tahra and dedicates her life to rebuilding it. It is stated that she never marries, despite her beauty.

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