Linde (JP) is the daughter of the Archsage Miloah who appears in the Fire Emblem series. She appears in; Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and as a spotpass character in Awakening.

Archanean Saga

Linde was born the daughter of Archsage Miloah in the Ageless Palace of Archanea. At the palace she was her fathers sole student, and trained to master the powerful Aura tome. When war between Archanea and Dolhr errupted, Miloah left to battle his rival Gharnef, and left the Aura tome with Linde. After an intense battle, Miloah was killed by Gharnef, and Linde was force to flee into the streets of the castle town Knorda. During her escape, Linde disguised herself as a boy, but was soon kidnapped by local ruffians.

Linde spent years as the prisoner of the ruffians, amazingly able to keep her disguise the entire time. Eventually, the Archanean League led by Prince Marth arrived in Knorda, and the bandits were driven out. Upon her release, Linde revealed herself to Marth, and joined his army to avenge her father. During her time in the army, Linde formed friendships with Merric, and Princess Nyna , and became a pillar of stregnth against Dolhr. After the war ended, Linde became a servant of Nyna, and became a member of the royal court. 

Some time after the end of the war, Bishop Wendell of Khadein heard rumors of Gharnef's followers conducting banned rituals in the desert. He ordered his students Merric and Elrean to stop the rituals, and defeat the cultists. Linde knew that Merric would be facing great danger, and she volunteered to help. After a difficult battle, Linde bid Merric farewell, and returned to Nyna's side. 

A year later, Nyna ordered Linde to deliver the Fire Emblem to Marth, after her husband Hardin became possessed by the Darksphere. On her journey to meet Marth, Linde was taken prisoner by the Macedonian rebel army, but was released by Marth. She gave Marth the Fire Emblem, and once again stood by his side as a member of his army. After the War of Heroes ended, Linde became a teacher at the Archanean Magic Academy. Rumor has it that she fell in love with a local man. 


Other Appearances

Fire Emblem: Awakening

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, Linde appears as a member of the Shadow Dragon SpotPass team. She also plays a supporting role in the Lost Bloodlines DLC series. 

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, Linde appears in the first Trial in Chapter 6. She fights alongside MacellanDolph, and Gordin.


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