Linada is a supporting character in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is the first Machina character to be introduced, Linada is the main doctor of the Machina Village, and resides in Junks.


Discovering the Hidden Machina Village

Linada is first encountered in the Hidden Machina Village with a group of other Machina who come out to meet the party when they have reunited on the Fallen Arm, she introduce the party to Miqol, the leader of the Machina as well as the father of Egil and Vanea.

Treating Fiora

With the help of the party, she treats Fiora so that she can better survive separation from her recently wrecked Face suit, and becomes determined to find a way to permanently restore the Homs bodies of all Face units. Throughout the game she can almost always be found on the upper floor of Junks, working.

Escaping Agniratha

She is later seen on Junks again, when Miqol rescues the group after they are defeated by Egil at the Meyneth Shrine, and tends to Shulk after the events at the Mechonis Core. She can always be found on Junks, both on the Fallen Arm and after Mechonis is destroyed, in Colony 6.


In the game's epilogue, Linada is seen walking hand in hand with a Machina man (most likely Voltak, her assistant).


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