Lin Lee Koo, or Lin for short, is the 13-year old genius prodigy engineer on the White Whale. She is one of the initial party members, finding her in New LA during Chapter 1.She is a member of the BLADE and is affiliated to the Outffiter Division. She also narrates the story's prologue and epilogue.


Lin is a young girl of Asian descent with medium-length black hair in a bob cut and black eyes. She has two Monado hairpins in her hair.

Personality & Behavior

Lin is an energetic young girl who is very interested in Skells and anything related to machines. Despite her normal teenager personality, she is very intelligent. She shows great respect towards. Lin and Tatsu develop a brother-sister like relationship with the consistent bickering and teasing.

Lin also seems to be a fantastic cook with great variety. She is often found cooking outside of battle and every story mission starts with Lin cooking. She regularly jokes about cooking Tatsu.


Lin is a Shield Trooper, wielding a Shield and a Gatling Gun. Her two unique arts are Fire Carnival and Drum Roll.



Soul Voice


Affinity Links


Name Affinity Level Location When Requirement
Flight Time 1 Outfitters Test Hangar Night None
Old Dogs and New Tricks 2 West Melville St. Afternoon Dog
The Popular Girl 3 Division Drive Afternoon None
Dinner Discussion 4 Barista Court Evening None
Passions 5 Deliverance Park Morning Flight Module


  • The hairpins she have in her hair is a callback to the Monado, the legendary weapon of the first game.
  • Since the event of the game take place in 2056, it means that she is born on 2043.
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