Limited Run Games is a video game publisher which specializes in releasing limited physical releases of games for multiple consoles. They also have a porting team used for certain releases on the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch

No. Title Boxart Store page
1 Thimbleweed Park Thimbleweed Park (NA) Link

Nintendo 3DS

During E3 2019,Limited Run Games anounced a 3DS game called Atooi Collection,combining all the releases of Atooi Games on the 3DS onto one cartridge. Currently Nintendo EAD is working on the final touche,such as adding boxart.Currently there is no relese date. A thing to note is that on their Twitter page,Limited Run said that if Atooi Collection does well their up for making a few more releases in the future.

Nintendo 64


Wii U

Title Boxart Store page
Axiom Verge

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