Limber(JP) is a Pokémon ability introduced in the third generation.


The ability holder cannot be paralyzed while the ability is active. If the ability is just gained or was ignored, the Pokémon will heal from paralysis their next turn. If it was paralyzed, it consumes the Cheri or Lum Berry it was holding before the ability activates. If Limber is no longer the Pokémon's active ability, it does not heal paralysis until it has switched back in.

Pokémon with the Ability

Persian Hitmonlee Ditto Glameow Purrloin
PKMN053.png PKMN106.png PKMN132.png PKMN431.png PKMN509.png
Liepard Stunfisk Hawlucha Mareanie Toxapex
PKMN510.png PKMN618.png PKMNXY701.png PKMNSM747.png PKMNSM748.png
Clobbopus Grapploct
PKMNSS852.png PKMNSS853.png

As a Hidden Ability

Buneary Lopunny
PKMN427.png PKMN428.png
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