Lifis ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the 25 year old leader of the Lifis Pirates, a group who wreaks havoc on the eastern coasts of Thracia. If Leif has managed to save all the villages in Chapter 2, he will decide to investigate Lifis and his gang, resulting in an assault on his hideout. Leif can either kill him in battle, an action which his mentor Eyvel strangely condemns, take him prisoner and then release him, or capture him and seize Lifis's hideout. For Lifis to join Leif, Leif must choose the last option.

Lifis grew up in the same village as Perne, who was among the first of the villagers to mock Lifis for things like his bedwetting habit. Though masked by his bravado and genuine skill, even as a grown man and leader of a pirate gang, he has a cowardly heart. He lies in order to protect himself, to keep himself out of battle, and to win the affections of Safy, the girl he lusts after (but claims he is not willing to reform for). If Lifis dies or is not recruited, he will become the Deadlord Porcus.

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