The Life Mushroom as it is seen in Super Mario Galaxy.

Life Mushrooms are items that appear in the Super Mario Galaxy series.

In Super Mario Galaxy, these items increase Mario's Health Meter from three to six hits, so then Mario can only be hit six times total until losing a life. When hit three times, the Life Mushroom's effects will wear off and Mario's Health Meter will change back to three.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Life Mushrooms make a reappearance with all of the same features, but appear to be more common in the game than in its prequel. It also has a new feature. When Mario collects it for a second time, he will gain an extra life when all bars in his Health Meter are filled. If not, he won't gain any 1-up and instead will heal him up to six bars of life.


  • When playing under Daredevil Comet conditions, Life Mushrooms will be collected.
  • Lumas can be found on a planetoid in various conditions and change into a Life Mushroom if Mario feeds a Luma thirty Star Bits.


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