Let's Tap is a Wii video game announced during Nintendo's 2008 October conference. It is a unique title that requires the player to place the Wii Remote upside down on a table with the b-button facing upwards. In Let's Tap the player will not even touch the remote, but will rather tap on the table. For example, in one of the game's modes, you'll have to continuously tap the table with your left and right hand (separately and not at the same time - so left right left right) in order to have your runner run. The more accurate you are at tapping this way the faster he'll go. When you approach a hurdle you'll be required to tap the table with both hands at the same time, which will cause the runner to jump. There are a variety of mini games like this that'll be available in the final version of the game.


For quite some time the developer, Prope, which was started by various Sega employees including Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, had been teasing an upcoming game. Eventually in September 2008 they put up a teaser site featuring a penguin saying that it was the first game that even species mentioned could play. It is assumed this is said because penguins can't hold a remote, but can tap a table with their arms. Let's Tap was finally unveiled during Nintendo's October 2008 press conference in Japan. It is currently slated to appear at TGS '08. Let's Catch, another game from Prope, was also revealed during the conference for WiiWare.

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