Leila is one of Firion's allies in Final Fantasy II. She is encountered as a pirate captain, hired by Firion to transport the heroes across the seas to the ruined kingdom of Deist.


Leila has fair skin and bluish purple unevenly cut hair covered by a pink, blue, and purple bandana. She wears a purple bikini top with pink and purple sleeves and blue shorts with a white half skirt on the back of her belt. Leila wields a curved dagger and holds two scabbards on her belt. She has gold spiked shoulder pauldrons and wears pink and purple slippers.

Her NES battle sprite is a modification of the Monk sprite from the original Final Fantasy with a darker blue headband and clothing and shoulder pads. Leila's NES portrait has red hair, while her field sprite has blonde hair and wears purple clothing.

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