Leif is a playable character in Dragalia Lost. He is the captain of the royal Alberian Knights. Although he works for the Empire, he does not wish to fight Euden, and supports his journey. He was originally an NPC before being added as a Gala unit.

Official Description (NPC)

The captain of the Alberian Royal Knights. His loyalty and love for country serve as an ideal model for all who aspire to be a knight.

Official Description (Gala Leif)

Captain of Alberia's Royal Guard. An exemplar of the knights, his love for his country is exceptionally strong. A brilliant swordsman, he also served as an instructor in the way of the blade to the royal children.

As an NPC

He is an AI controlled ally in battle in the Saving the Sparrow quest in Chapter 9. He can boost defense to all allies.


  • Leif is the third character to be an NPC before being added as a Gala unit, following Sarisse and Mym.
    • He is the first male character with this quality, as well as the first human.
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