The Legion of Stationery are antagonists that serve the Origami King. They are oversized Office Supplies that were given sentience. Their purpose is to guard the streamers.


Colored Pencils

“Feast your eyes upon my art-senal! Twelve colored pencils, ready to make your paper bodies my canvas!”

Also called "Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th", this member was sent to guard the red streamer and bears the title The Missle Maestro. He speaks with colorful dialogue and resembles a box of colored pencils. His main attack in battle involves him launching his pencils.

Rubber Band

“No, no NO! The star of the show isn't Mario, you uncultured HACKS! The real superstar... is MEEEE!”

This humanoid monster is made of rubber bands, which is how he got his name. The Rubber Band is also called the "Elastic Entertainer" and guards the blue streamer. Paper Mario encounters him in a theatre, where the Rubber Band has trapped several Mushroom People.

Hole Punch

“Lady, I couldn't stop groovin' now if I wanted to. So I guess we're gonna have to... FACE. OFF!”

This member is a yellow hole puncher that guards the yellow streamer. He runs a disco floor and can punch holes in surfaces, hence the title "The Disco Devil". The Hole Puncher had punched out the faces of several Mushroom People, making them zombie-like. His weak point is hidden by his cover, and Paper Mario can get at that point by tearing it off him with his 1,000-Fold Arms.


“HEY! I'm not tacky! I'm STICKY! DAT'S IT! Ya want a piece of me? Well, you're gonna get it!”

This member is an oversized tan tape tube that rides a purple dispenser. He has a speech pattern that resembles New York gangsters. Also called the "Shifty Sticker", the Tape trapped several Mushroomers on the wall with his tape.


“Yes. YES! It's been ages since my last clash with a worthy opponent! I feel such a RUSH! Come at me! Bring me your worst!”

This member is a green scissors pair that has a penchant for duels. Also called the Dual-bladed Duelist, he guards the green streamer. The Scissors had mutilated much of the Koopa Troop during his takeover of Bowser Castle. Paper Mario faces him in the castle's throne room.


“Hey! I'm walking on my face! Nobody makes Bowser walk on his face! I mean, THEY did!”
Paper King Bowser

Also called the Fanged Fastener, this member fights Paper Mario during the heroic party's siege on the Origami Castle. He strangely does not speak, but he does have the ability to bind Paper beings, turning them into Folded Soldiers. His weak point is his mouth. Paper Mario has to defeat him by destroying that weak point and then snapping him open. The Stapler is the perpetrator behind binding Paper King Bowser in a weak form.

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