Who They Are

The Legendary Beast Trio, aka, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, are Legendary Pokemon from Generation 2. Some people say they resemble dogs, while others just refer to them as beasts.

How They Came To Be

While the three of them are pretty awesome, they are not a part of the very first ever legendaries to exist and create the universe. When the Brass Tower burned down from a lightning bolt that struck the building, Ho-oh came to the rescue when it noticed that 3 Pokemon's lives were taken away from the fire. Devastated, Ho-oh revived the 3 Pokemon, turning them into fierce beasts: Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. Some believe that the 3 Pokemon were Flareon who was turned into Entei, Vaporeon into Suicune, and lastly, Jolteon into Raikou. The three beasts were also given roles after the storm that burned down the tower. Raikou was the cause: The lighting bolt that struck the tower. Entei was the effect: The fire that burned down the tower. And Suicune was the aftermath: The rain of the storm that extinguished the fire.

The three beasts.

Comparing The Three


While all 3 of them have a stat total of 580, the points are distributed differently. Below shows which beast out of the 3 has the best stat.

HP- Entei

Attack- Entei

Defense- Suicune

Special Attack- Raikou

Special Defense- Suicune

Speed- Raikou


Entei is the tallest with a height of 6'11". Raikou is the shortest with a height of 6'03".


Entei is the heaviest with a weight of 436.5 lbs. Raikou is the lightest with a weight of 392.4 lbs.