Leene Square is a main part of the Kingdom of Guardia in the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. It is the site of the Millennial Fair in 1000 A.D. The Square was named after Queen Leene who ruled in 600 A.D. Leene's Bell hangs in the center of the Square.

Leene Square is located on the eastern portion of the Northwestern continent of the World Map. Guardia Castle is located to the west and Truce is located to the south.


The Millennial Fair

Crono, excited about the Millennial Fair, heads to Leene Square to witness the unveiling of Lucca's new invention, the Telepod.

While at the festival, Crono accidentally bumps into a young girl calling herself Marle. They quickly become friends and travel around the Fair together. During the demonstration of Lucca's Telepod, Marle volunteers to be transported from one pod to the other. But when Lucca and Taban turn the machines on, Marle's pendant begins to glow. The Telepod energy reacts with the pendant and Marle suddenly disappears, dropping the pendant.

Unsure of where she went, Crono agrees to let the same thing happen to him in order to find her. So he steps into the Telepod, Lucca turns it on and Crono vanishes hundreds of years into the past.

We're Back!

After Crono and his friends rescue Queen Leene and return to 1000 A.D. via the Time Gate at the Millennial Fair, Lucca heads home to do some work while Crono escorts Marle back to Guardia Castle.

The Village of Magic

After traveling through Heckran Cave, Crono and his party head through Truce and enter the Millennial Fair at Leene Square to use the Time Gate at the Telepod demonstration.

The Time Egg

After Crono's death and Magus joins the team, the party returns to the Tent of Horrors at the Millennial Fair much later in their journey in order to revive the deceased Crono. There, the magician creates a Crono Clone doll and makes it appear at Crono's house.


Location Description
Gato demo The Gato demo is a place to practice battles, earning experience and Silver Points.
Markets There are a few Markets set up where items can be bought and sold.
Prehistoric dance A place to have fun.
Telepod demo This is where Crono is first transported through time.
Tent of Horrors /
Norstein Bekkler's lab
The Tent of Horrors, also known as Norstein Bekkler's lab, is a place to win Silver Points at the Millennial Fair. After Crono's death, the Crono Clone can be won here.

People and Enemies

The following is a list of important characters and enemies the player will encounter.

People Enemies

G.I. Jogger
Green Ambler
Steel Runner


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