Lee is a Duplighost and a student at the Toad Town Dojo, as seen in Paper Mario. He trains under the Master with the Buzzy Beetle Chan. Lee is the Master's most advanced student and acts like an older brother to Chan, the weakest student. Lee also has deep respect for the Master, but does not worship him like Chan does. He is the Master's most advanced student, and beating him earns the Second-Degree Card. His blanket has an unique pattern modeled after the Biao Yan Fu, a uniform traditionally used in Kung Fu training. Lee's name comes from the name of the martial artist/movie star Bruce Lee.

Powers and abilities

Since Lee is a Duplighost, he has the ability to transform into Mario's partner. Using this ability, Lee acquires the appearance, skills, and (to a certain degree) offensive and defensive capabilities of the copied party member. However, Lee has a higher attack in his normal form than in any copied form. Additionally, he will only assume the form of Mario's current companion. Lee will attack as many times as Mario's partner attacks if the Action Command is used, meaning Mario needs to defend that many times. For example, if Lee copies Goombario, Lee will attack twice when using the skill Headbonk because Goombario attacks twice with Headbonk when he uses the Action Command.

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