Leaf Guard(JP) is a Pokémon ability introduced in the fourth generation.


During harsh sunlight, the ability holder cannot be afflicted with any status conditions. If the ability holder is drowsy from Yawn and Sunny Day is used or Drought/Desolate Land activates, the ability holder will stay awake. This does not affect Rest or other moves that cause self-inflicted status conditions. If Sunny Day is used or Drought/Desolate Land activates, any status conditions that the ability holder is suffering from are healed.

Pokémon with the Ability

Tangela Hoppip Skiploom Jumpluff Tangrowth
PKMN114.png PKMN187.png PKMN188.png PKMN189.png PKMN465.png
Leafeon Swadloon Fomantis Lurantis Bounsweet
PKMN470.png PKMN541.png PKMNSM753.png PKMNSM754.png PKMNSM761.png
Steenee Tsareena Zarude
PKMNSM762.png PKMNSM763.png PKMNSS893.png

As a Hidden Ability

Chikorita Bayleef Meganium Roselia Budew
PKMN152.png PKMN153.png PKMN154.png PKMN315.png PKMN406.png
Petilil Lilligant
PKMN548.png PKMN549.png


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