Mario and Watt finding a letter on a rock.

Lavalava Island is an island found in Paper Mario. It is an island in the ocean south of Toad Town. The island takes place as the fifth chapter to rescue the Star Spirit Mamar. The island has many dangerous creatures and a huge jungle.


Jade Jungle

The jungle makes up most of the island. The jungle is full of weird and dangerous creatures that even appear as plants. There are native Spear Guys that inhabit the jungle. At one point the Yoshi kids went into the jungle and Mario rescued them.

Yoshi's Village

The village inhabited by Yoshis and Ravens. There is an item shop made out of a wooden cabin and a simple Toad House made out of some walls and a rock for a bed.

Giant Tree

This giant tree is home to Raphael the Raven. The tree has an inside with a large staircase that ascends to the top. Raphael lives at the top of a tree in a nest.

Mt. Lavalava

The volcano of the island. The volcano is where the fifth boss Lava Piranha was fought.

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