Launch Octopus (or Launcher Octopuld in Japanese) is one of the eight Mavericks and a boss from the first Mega Man X game designed to resemble an octopus. He was a Maverick Hunter from the 6th Marine Unit under Sigma who followed his revolt.


In all the games where he appeared as a boss, Launch Octopus jumps to create a whirlpool on X and Mega Man X gets dragged until he stops using the ability, but if he touches him when using the ability, he'll suffocate X by using his tentacles to heal him, probably making a combination between the attacks of Dive Man and Shade Man. Later, Octopus charges Homing Torpedoes that try to crash into X. Octopus also fire Homing Torpedoes and keeps jumping, making it risky for the battle. Using anything that cuts his tentacles off will make him not use the ability to fire Homing Torpedoes. Octopus then repeats again.

Other in-game appearances

In Mega Man Xtreme 2, his weakness is Tri-Thunder as it can be dangerous to mix electric with water. He also appears in Boss Attack mode.

Other media

Launch Octopus appeared in the mangas, Rockman X and Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • Mega Man X (NA)
    If Mega Man X cuts his tentacles off with Ray Claw in Xtreme 2, he'll show his tentacles during the death animation.
  • On the North American box art of Mega Man X, Launch Octopus is purple instead of red.
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