Lathna is a playable character in Dragalia Lost. Before being released as an adventurer, Lathna was a non-playable character in the Accursed Archives event. Additionally, she has The Faceless God ability, which means that she is only able to transform into a white version of Nyarlathotep, regardless of which dragon she has equipped. She is a shadow element adventurer and uses a lance.

Official Description

A curious girl whose face often wears a somber expression. She lost her family during a strange incident at a library, and has been alone ever since. Plagued with nightmares, she lives in fear of something inside—the her that is not her.


Lathna is a young child with purple eyes and long wavy blonde hair with a black headband with a purple bow.

As an NPC, she wears a black and white dress with long purple stockings and black shoes.

As a playable character, she wears a black beret on her head and a different with a purple collar and yellow tie. Instead of stockings she wore purple socks.

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