Lash is a CO in the Black Hole army. She is introduced in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and is first seen in Mission 5 of the campaign, Lash Out.


Lash is a technological genius and is responsible for the majority of the advancements in military technology throughout the series. Flak, a fellow Black Hole CO, is often the target of her many experiments and a guinea pig to test out many of her designs. She ranks above Flak but below Adder.

Though no mention is made of her past, it is certain Lash has spent most her time tinkering and inventing devices of warfare. Outwardly, Lash’s demeanor is particularly childish and socially underdeveloped. Lash takes a special interest in Sonja, claiming they both “feel the joy that war brings“.

On the battlefield Lash has a devil may care attitude towards each fight, concerned more with 'playing games’ than the lives involved. She cares little for battles where there is not much fun to be had; in "Reclamation" she prepared to withdraw her forces before the battle even began, simply because she thought that Colin wouldn't be any fun to fight. She seems to revel in destruction and mayhem, viewing the outside world as a place to test her creations; and as an antagonist equally brash and incorrigible. In the "Toy Box" mission in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, she is responsible for destroying Olaf‘s home town.

In Dual Strike, a form of character development occurs for Lash during the mission “Muck Amok”, she and Hawke leave the Black Hole Army. After Von Bolt is confronted by Hawke, the order is passed to have them executed. They are saved by the Allied Nations who allow the two to join their ranks and stop Von Bolt. Shortly after, a reference is made towards ’socializing’ Lash when Jess declares, “This is a good opportunity for me to teach you some table manners“, another subtle hint made during the epilogue suggests that a change is happening in her personality when she declares, “Well, I guess I do care a little bit… ”.

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