Larum​ is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She is a dancer and a member of the resistance forces against the Etrurian government. She is also the adopted daughter of Etruria's Great General, Douglas, as well as a potential love interest of Roy. If Elffin is recruited instead, she takes the role of the character who manages the Auguries.


Larum is a particularly boisterous and loud person. She tends to act very childish at times and scream and yell at inopportune times. She also has a huge crush on Roy, which she states on a regular basis.

She also doesn't take much consideration into what she says or does. In her Support Conversations with Garret and Geese, she, upon first seeing one of them, yells "Eeeeeek! A Bandit!" or "Eeeeeek! A Pirate!" to the respective characters.

Larum also often seems to be somewhat detached from reality. She often daydreams out loud or acts out something she wishes would happen. In her Level-B Support Conversation with Geese, she acts out a fantasy she has of Roy rescuing her from 'the pirate' (Geese), pretending to be both Roy and herself and talks to herself, eventually prompting Geese to leave.

The only two people that tend to take Larum seriously are Douglas, her adoptive father, and Ogier, who is generally respectful to everyone. Larum tends to try to impress her father and also tends to tease Ogier (she accused him twice of being perverted). Both humor the actions in their own way.

Larum also has an interest in cooking that is revealed in a couple of her Support Conversations. She is also apparently a very bad cook (her cooking was so bad that Echidna stated that she would not call it "food"). The only two people who ever ate her cooking without complaint were Elffin and her father Douglas. However, Elffin is expected to have said nothing out of kindness. Her adoptive father Douglas is the only person who seems to enjoy her cooking, although many speculate he simply suffers through it for her benefit. However, he never complains and only ever has had praise for Larum's cooking. Echidna, on the other hand, seems to be the only character to criticize Larum's cooking directly in front of her (even sarcastically asking when Roy's "funeral" starts after Larum had Roy try her cooking).

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