Land's End

Land's End is a level in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. As its name implies, it is the last piece of land in the entire world before the ocean, save for Nimbus Land and Barrel Volcano, which are not connected to the main continent by land. Land's End also refers to World 5 of the game, which is composed of the level Land's End itself, Monstro Town, Bean Valley, and Grate Guy's Casino. Few people have ever traveled to this uncharted region.

Land's End is split into four sections: the mountains, the field, the desert, and the underground, which leads to the legendary Belome Temple. The first section is large, mountainous, and rocky. It is filled with Geckitsand a large amount of Pot Cannons. The second part is the smallest; it is a field filled with flowers and several insects.

The third part is the largest; it is a sprawling desert filled with at least half a dozen creatures who have grown accustomed to the harsh environment. It is also filled with a lot of sand whirlpools which can suck up unsuspecting travelers. Until Mario and Company arrived, no one had ever survived traveling through these whirlpools. Additionally, there is a large, almost insurmountable stone wall at the end of the desert (hence "Land's End"). Climbing this wall will lead to Bean Valley, which eventually leads to Nimbus Land. The mysterious "Mokura" also wanders around the outer desert parts of Land's End.

Beneath the desert, there is a large series of caverns, which, judging on the fact that they include signs, support beams, and barrels, may have once been a mineshaft. The caverns also lead to Kero Sewers, an earlier level, and Belome Temple, a sub-area of Land's End.


  • The theme of Land's end, 'Still the Road is Full of Danger' is actually an arrangment of the classical piece Trepak, by Russian composer Tchaikovsky.
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