Lana is a playable character original to Hyrule Warriors. She is a sorceress with light-blue hair armed with a book of magic that she uses to cast barriers to disperse enemies. She is described as a very energetic girl with a vast knowledge of magic and monsters.


Lana was originally part of one being, Cia, a powerful sorceress who was tasked with maintaining the balance of the Triforce. Cia, able to observe distant eras of Hyrule and those who lived in them with her magic, became infatuated with Link and in turn jealous of Princess Zelda. Her preoccupied thoughts left her vulnerable as she was approached by a spiritual fragment of darkness, belonging to Ganondorf, who saw an opportunity in using her. Due to his interference, Cia became corrupted as the light from her soul was pushed away, which was physically embodied as the sorceress Lana. Like Cia, she too also harbored affections for Link. However, the young sorceress was able to contain her feelings for the hero and accepted that they were not meant to be.

While Cia became the corrupted, wicked side of her former self, Lana became the virtuous side. Cia had opened the Gate of Souls to wage war over Hyrule. compelled by the darkness to acquire the full Triforce and to revive Ganondorf. Lana had retreated to the forests of Faron Woods, becoming the leader of a band of resistance fighters and determined to end Cia's machinations.

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