​Lana(JP) is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the daughter of Edain and the younger sister of Lester. Her substitute character is Muirne.


Lana is a noble of Grannvale's House Jungby and a bearer of minor Crusader Ulir blood. She is one of the granddaughters of Ring and a cousin of Febail and Patty. She is also the niece of Brigid and Andorey.

Along with Lester and several of the other initial members of the Liberation Army, Lana was raised by Edain, Shannan, and Oifey in an orphanage located in Tirnanog. It is mentioned in her lover conversation with Seliph in the final chapter that she spent a lot of time with him when they were children. When King Danan's army attacks Tirnanog, Lana decides to join the fight, despite Seliph's protests out of concern for her safety. From this point on, she serves as a healer for the Liberation Army.

If she is not paired up during the course of the game, she will become depressed in the ending because Seliph never noticed her romantic feelings for him. However, she also never tells him about them.

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