Lakeside Park is the first Special Cup course in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The major obstacle in this course is the two volcanoes in the background. Starting on the second lap, the sky turns darker and the volcanoes will erupt and send Lava Boulders around the course. Its music is a remix of Riverside Park's music.

Course Layout

The course starts out on a straightaway, followed by a U-turn to the right, a left turn, and a right turn after that. Past those turns is a left turn onto a bridge that has a crack on the right. There is an Item Box located over the crack. Past the bridge is a slight left turn the leads to a right U-turn. After that, there is a slight right turn, a left turn, then a U-turn to the left. Then there is another slight right turn, then a U-turn to the left. If the player doesn't take the turn correctly, they may hit some yellow ramps that can send them to an earlier part of the course. After the turn is a straightaway with a Dash Panel on the right, followed by a jump over an earlier part of the course. There is an abrupt left turn after the jump which leads to a U-turn to the right. After the turn is a left turn with some ramps on the right that can send the player to an earlier part of the course. There is a Dash Panel close to the ramps. Then there is a slight left-to-right turn that leads to a straightaway, which leads to the Finish Line.


  • Before the jump, the player needs to take the Dash Panel on the right. While jumping, the player needs to turn slightly right to hit some ramps located in the water, then right again so they don't fall in the water. This leads them to the straightaway to the Finish Line.
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