Lake Verity is one of the three major lakes featured in the Nintendo DS video game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In the game, you'll be able to find the lake when you go through the upper left corner of Route 201 at the beginning of the game. This is also where you'll first get your first Pokémon, which would be your starter. Much later in the game, you'll find Mesprit here, one of the many different Legendary Pokémon in the game.


Name Location Version
PKMN387 Turtwig Suitcase 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN390 Chimchar Suitcase 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN393 Piplup Suitcase 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN399 Bidoof Tall grass 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN396 Starly Tall grass 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN118 Goldeen Good Rod 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN129 Magikarp Old Rod 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN054 Psyduck Surf 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN055 Golduck Surf 00Check 00Check 00Check
PKMN481 Mesprit Cavern 00Check 00Check 00Check
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