The Lake Kingdom is one of the many Kingdoms explored in Super Mario Odyssey and acts as the greater location of Lake Lamode. The region is moderately warm surrounding a large lake with an underwater plaza. The Kingdom is renowned for its fashion designs and clothes including the Lochlady Dress. The regional currency is purple scales.


The Kingdom is relatively small with only two major sections. The first notable section is the lake where the Odyssey docks by. Initially, the wall separating the two lakes is not scalable by traditional means so, Mario must uncover a secret underwater passage from withing the large structure at the north end of the lake. This underwater passage has spiked floors, Komboos and Cheep-Cheeps.

Mario enters the second lake through some underwater ruins. More ruins like the north and south walls of the lake with a large underwater dome covering a plaza. Here are where most of where the lochladies reside. The water towers in the plaza act as elevators to higher levels, letting Mario reach the surface and the architecture above the water. From here, Mario can reach the Water plaza Terrace with secrets along the walls.

The separating section can be more easily reach from the second lake. Up here, there are several Goombas plus a fishing hole. Inside this fishing hole is a painting either leading to the Sand Kingdom or the Luncheon Kingdom depending on if this or the Wooded Kingdom was chosen first. The other painting is accessed from another kingdom (Metro, Snow or Seaside) which will put Mario above the lake at the Vewing Balcony.


Power Moons

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