​Lady Maud, also known as The Lady, is the primary antagonist in Tri Force Heroes.


Lady Maud is the witch of the Drablands, which serves as her domain. She is also Madame Couture's older sister, and they are both part of a tribe who specialize in crafting magical clothes. At one point, Lady Maud grew power-hungry with her abilities. Although many in Hytopia adored their princess, Styla, Lady Maud did not, and despised her for her unbearably cute fashion sense. One day she had sent the girl a beautifully wrapped gift, however, this was only a trick, as opening it had cursed Styla to wear an irremovable, ugly jumpsuit. Styla isolated herself out of humiliation, and the townsfolk became afraid of the witch and dressed in ordinary clothing, out of fear that they would be cursed too. In response, King Tuft issues a request for heroes to track down the witch as part of the Witch-Hunting Brigade. Link is recruited when he arrives in Hytopia.

Throughout the Drablands, the Links find pieces of Lady Maud's Materials, including her glasses, collar, and eventually her parasol. Madame Couture reveals that these Materials can be used to tailor The Lady's Ensemble, whose power can be used to lift the curse off of Styla without having to defeat the witch. She implores that Link find the remaining Materials, and not just to save the princess, but also The Lady from herself.

The Links first encounter Lady Maud at her lair in the Fortress of the Drablands. She suspects that Princess Styla has sent them to thank her for the Outfit, considering it as a generous gift. She becomes offended, however, when they accuse her of cursing the princess and demand the outfit be removed. She sends her Pets to attack the Links, but they are all defeated. The Lady throws an angry fit and tells the Links to never come near her again, before teleporting away from the Fortress.

Lady Maud is later encountered again at the Sky Temple. She is very displeased to see that the Links have chased her all the way there. She becomes furious at their pestering, and declares the temple as no place for unfashionable people. The Lady engages them in battle, but not before ridding them of their items. Despite this, the Links manage to defeat her after a long battle. Although she is angry, Lady Maud surrenders and says she is finished. She tells the Links to leave her alone, and teleports away from the temple. With The Lady's defeat and the last of her Materials found, Link quickly tailors The Lady's Ensemble and lifts the curse from Styla. The creation of the outfit ensures that King Tuft will not have to press serious charges against Lady Maud.