Labolas, also known as the Destroyer of Fates, is a Demon that appears as a large canine-like creatures. Labolas used to be a regular pet dog who wandered into Inferno and got lost. His survival instincts helped him survive in the extremely hostile environment that is Inferno and he eventually turned into a Demon. Labolas is known for his incredible hunting skills.

Bayonetta 2

Labolas is first summoned by Bayonetta to finish off Gomorrah during their fight. Labolas is then summoned to fight against Fortitudo, who was himself summoned by the Masked Lumen. Labolas defeats Fortitudo but is swiftly forced to go back into Inferno by the Masked Lumen himself.

Labolas is then summoned by Bayonetta as part of a team attack with Rosa and her Gomorrah against a Beloved. Labolas is then summoned one last time against Loptr alongside Hydra but both Demons are quickly dispatched, allowing Loptr to get close and incapacitate Bayonetta.

Labolas is also featured as an unlockable battle in Tag Climax where he is presented as a none hostile Demons that only attacks the player after taking a hit. In battle, the Demon mainly attacks with its claws or by bitting.

Book of Infernal Demons

"A beloved pet dog who had the bad luck to wander into hell, but the good luck and survival instincts to get through its harsh environment and grow into a force to be reckoned with. With the superb hunting abilities, it has even become known to some as a merciless butcher. Once it has sunk its sharp canines into its enemy, it will not let go until their last breath."


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