Lab 32 (not to be confused with Lab 16) is a place full of creatures Crono and his party pass through in 2300 A.D. in Chrono Trigger. Crono also meets Johnny for the first time.

Lab 16 is located in the eastern portion of the Northwestern continent of the World Map, essentially connecting both the Northwestern and Northeastern continents. Arris Dome and the northern entrance to the Sewer Access are located to the south with the Factory further to the east.


Beyond the Ruins

After leaving Arris Dome, Crono and his party arrive in Lab 32 where Johnny challenges them to a race. Using the Jet Bike, Crono races him along the highway through the ruins and beats him. Having reached the other end of Lab 32, Crono and his party continue on their journey.

Note: There are two paths through Lab 32. One is the highway race against Johnny. If the player wins, they appear on the other end of Lab 32. If the player loses, they go back to the end of Lab 32 where they originally started. The other path is a walking route through the ruined city where Crono will battle Mutants and Shadows. But along that path, he will find the Race Log which records the players highest scores in the races against Johnny.

Break the Seal!

On a mission to open the sealed doors in 2300 A.D. after having been locked out of the Time Gate leading to 12,000 B.C., Crono's party returns to the Future and heads across the continent, passing through Lab 32.


Lab 32 has two path options through the big post-apocalyptic ruined city.

Location Description
Highway The Highway is where Crono uses the Jet Bike to race Johnny.
Walking path In the Walking path through the ruined city, Crono will face creatures and also find the Race Log.

People and Enemies

The following is a list of characters and enemies the player will encounter in Lab 32. (There are Proto 2s, but the player cannot fight them because they're part of Johnny's gang.)

People Enemies



Behind the scenes


Mode 7 technology used in the race against Johnny.

The highway race against Johnny in Lab 32 is the only time in Chrono Trigger where the Mode 7 technology is used. It can be see during the race. The highway, ground and cityscape background appear to move in three dimensions.

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