LEGO Worlds is an open world LEGO game with a focus on creation in the vain of Minecraft. It was released on the Nintendo Switch in fall of 2017.


The standard gameplay is similar to most LEGO games with the player controlling a Lego person and interacting with the environment. Instead of creating the world piece by piece, the player scans various models in the world using the Discovery Tool which allows the player to look at them in their inventory. Purchasing the models will unlock them permanently and allow the player to remove and create them at will. The game also includes special builds to discover in the world that are larger works.

Instead of a single world, they game features multiple worlds access by gaining Gold Bricks. The more Gold Bricks the player, the more worlds the player has accessed. Gold Bricks are earned by completing various tasks for each world's NPCs, usually involving building certain Builds.


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