Battle Dialogue

Drawing weapon

  • "Easy does it."
  • "Think of the materials we'll gather!"
  • "Let us bite this hand that threatens us."
  • "Our jaw won't stop dropping."
  • "Aah! We've heard of this one."
  • "Here comes a sucker this minute."

Status effect

  • "Our head is spinning!" - Stagger
  • "We seem to be falling." - Topple
  • "What in Mira?" - Flinch
  • "There's no need to push!" - Knockback
  • "Nothing but air!" - Launch
  • "Why can't we move?!" - Stun
  • "We appear to be getting drowsy..." - Sleep
  • "Incredible! Our body is moving on its own!" - Control


  • "It seems the sleeping dogs have risen." - An enemy notices the party
  • "It's a horse-eat-horse world." - An enemy notices the party
  • "Well this is an earth-splattering development." - A large enemy notices the party
  • "It's not over until the fat baby sings." - Low HP
  • "This number has been...disconnected..." - Becoming incapacited
  • "Welcome back! Did you see the pearly gates?" - Reviving an ally
  • "Thank you!" - Thanking
  • "Sorry to trouble you." - Thanking
  • "Our thanks!" - Thanking
  • "Much appreciations" - Thanking
  • "Look at us, we're on a stroll!" - 3000 TP
  • "Get ready to cheer for us!" - Overdrive (ground)
  • "Activating Overdrive!" - Overdrive (skell)
  • "Is this what you call 'rocking' it?" - Overdrive counter hits 50
  • "Quick! Get us some more ash to kick!" - Overdrive counter hits 100
  • "We need our skell." - Entering skell
  • "Time for ground gear." - exiting skell
  • "How odd! Why does our fuel keep depleting?" - Skell's fuel runs low
  • "Zero fuel? But that means we have to get out." - Skell runs out of fuel
  • "What a nice hot welcome!" - An enemy join the battle
  • "Most certainly!" - Responding to battle commands
  • "Leave it to us!" - Responding to battle commands
  • "Truth be told, we saw this coming." - Leveling up
  • "Wonderful, we are still alive!" - Winning a battle
  • "Our skills were indisputably superior." - Winning a battle
  • "Oh, can we do one? Send us a telegram from Hell evildoers!" - Winning a battle
  • "80 percent of success is showing them up." - Winning a battle
  • "We weathered the storm." - Winning a battle

Soul Voices

  • "Thwack 'em for some extra zing!"
  • "Let's have a blast! Literally!"
  • "Sorry, could someone get our party started?"
  • "Right in the kisser! Now cripple them!"
  • "Let's drive all over this giant!"
  • "An aura right now might lead to good things!"
  • "We floated like butterflies. Now you sting like bees!"
  • "You scratch our back? We'll scratch yours!"
  • "Cripple it! Pazzow!"
  • "We think we need a little pick-me-up."
  • "Good-bye, and good night..."
  • "Oh good, it broke. Now weaken them!"
  • "Yes! Now cripple them!"
  • "Activating Overdrive! Your turn!"
  • "Three in a row! Shoot to kill!"
  • "They fell for it! Get it? Now weaken them!"

Outside battle Dialogue

  • "We loathe them. They have ruined our once-peaceful life here. RUINED! They are all... how should we say? Asscaves."
  • Allow us to show you the way. After all, as you say too many heads are better than none, right?
  • "Yes, yes, of course! Nopon purchase my wares quite often you know. They're excellent... How should I say? "Sukers"?"
  • Then it's settled. Excellent. Let's be off! The early worm is for the birds.
  • Many thanks, good sirs! Truly, we are walking on the ninth cloud of seventh Heaven! Please, call us L. The rest is far too formal.
  • It would seem to us the good sir would like to pick our brain. Of course, we will gladly let him in one ear and out the other!
  • Let us dance up a storm in any port!
  • Friends! We are all friends, indeed? Which makes us friends in NEED, correct?
  • Truly a Nopon's Nopon, it pains me to say.
  • Just so! Yet the world beyond these walls is as you say, all about the survival of the fattest.
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