Kyza ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He takes on the role a laguz officer, serving under the command of Ranulf. Kyza is a superior officer to Lyre, and seeks to keep her from acting out against others, alongside fighting over Ranulf's attention with her.


Kyza is a rather dutiful and loyal individual, but is perceived to be boring, stiff, and humorless by others around him. He is essentially the polar opposite of Lyre, with their differences repeatedly leading to heated arguments breaking out on a regular basis especially when competing for Ranulf's attention. Despite these feuds, Kyza and Lyre are close friends. Kyza tries to resolve conflicts within the army, calming Lyre down after Shinon offended her with bigoted slurs, and apologizing to Shinon on her behalf.

Despite his normally serious and formal demeanor, when around close friends he changes his behavior and talks and acts in a more feminine way.

Kyza has a crush on his superior officer, Ranulf, and repeatedly tries to gain his attention.

As a Tiger laguz, Kyza sports a large build, and is also rather well-groomed and neat in appearance.

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