Kurthnaga ​is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and a playable character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the prince of Goldoa and Dheginsea's youngest child. His siblings are Rajaion and Almedha, and he is also the uncle of Soren. Despite his young appearance in Path of Radiance, Nasir told Ike that Prince Kurthnaga was possibly 100 years old, so in Radiant Dawn, he is likely older than a century.


Path of Radiance

Ike's group meets him first in Path of Radiance while stranded in Goldoa. He assists the mercenaries by freeing the ship and sending them on their way. He is the first dragon to change the mercenaries' minds about the dragons. His kind character convinced them that dragons were actually a great species.

Radiant Dawn

In Radiant Dawn, he leaves Goldoa, along with Ena, to stop the war between Begnion and the laguz, and to find his sister. He first appears in Daein as a pilgrim named Kurth who has been detained by the Begnion Occupational Army. Micaiah also calls him Kurth when he meets her outside of her Daein Base. He becomes Goldoa's new king following Dheginsea's death in the Tower of Guidance at the end of the game and helps to foster peace between the nations. It is revealed in Part IV Chapter 1 that he is hemophobic, meaning that he is afraid of blood. This is largely shown in chapter 4-1, where he refuses to fight, and cowers from Ike when he sees blood on his sword.

After the death of Dheginsea, he becomes the new king of Goldoa, and thus gains the ability Formshift for the rest of the game.

During the epilogue (when certain conditions are met), he is the only person besides Almedha to know the truth about her son.

In the end, he opens Goldoa to the rest of the continent, so that everyone can thrive in peace and Ashunera can come back to Tellius.

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