Kung-Fu Heroes (JP) (also known as Chinese Hero) is an action game Nihon Game (now Culture Brain) and published by Taiyo System in October 1984 for the NES where the player plays a Kung-Fu Warrior and tries to find the exit to a room while racking up as many points as possible.

It was released to the Virtual Console for Wii U and Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online later on.


Monsters have kidnapped Princess Min-Min and have stolen the 10 treasures of the nameless land the game takes place in, leaving everything in sorrow. Kung-fu Masters Jacky and Lee return from training and must set out to rescue the princess and find the treasures.


The player controls one of the characters, Jacky or Lee, and each level pits the player against countless enemy warriors. The object of the game is for the player to defeat enough enemies so that the door at the top of the room opens allowing the player to exit the room and proceed to the next. Enemies' attacks and weapons vary throughout the game. There are quite a number of BONUS levels that players can enter.

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