Krusha is one of King K. Rool's minions in the Kremling Krew in the Donkey Kong series.

Physical Appearance

Krusha most common appearance, as a blue muscular Kremling with spikes in head, clothing with a camouflage pattern and also have silver arm bands on each forearm. In his pirate days as Kruncha, he use earrings, yellow clothes, golden arm bands, red bandana with white polka dots and anchor tattoo in shoulder.


Donkey Kong Country/Donkey Kong Land

Krusha help in the robbery of Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard. Seeing Diddy defeating his colleagues, Krusha appears and attack the little Kong resulting in the robbery of bananas!

Krusha attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by walking into them, and can only be defeated by throwing a barrel at him, or by having Donkey Kong jump on him, being resistant to any other method of attack (simply laughing it off). Although it does not harm him, Donkey Kong's Hand Slap attack still causes he to drop a banana every time they are hit by it, making it possible to acquire a virtually unlimited number of bananas from Krusha.

Donkey Kong Country 2/Donkey Kong Land 2

Just like other members of the Kremling Krew during this time, Krusha (as Kruncha) patroled a Crocodile Isle areas to prevent Diddy and Dixie from save Donkey Kong.

Without DK, Krusha has the exact advantage of not being defeated by Diddy and Dixie, because he gets angry when is hit physically by then turn red and move at a slightly faster speed. He can only be defeated is any Animal Friend attacks, throw anything or teaming-up throwing Kong partner.

Donkey Kong 64

Krusha reappears in Donkey Kong 64 as a playable character in the multiplayer mode.

Krusha first shows up within the game after fifteen Banana Fairies are collected in total. Krusha is similar to Chunky attack-wise and has an Orange Grenade Launcher as a weapon. Krusha does not ever appear in the game as an enemy, rather replaced with Kasplat.

Donkey Kong Country TV series

Despite these high positions and responsibilities, Krusha is fairly dimwitted, having a hard time grasping simple concepts and becoming easily distracted. Krusha likes watching The Sing Along with Uncle Swampy Show, a show meant for young children.

Krusha is also apparently best friends with K. Rool's second-in-command, General Klump, and is often used as the muscle in Klump's schemes. Despite being well-meaning, Krusha's attempts to aid the Kremling Krew often end up in disaster, causing more damage than good.

In From Zero to Hero, show in X-Ray his brain fell out his skull and has been sitting inside his pelvis or butt ever since.

In Speed, it is shown that Krusha can regain his intelligence or stupidity if he suffers a strong blow to the head. He then devises a diabolical plot to kill the Kongs and then claim the Crystal Coconut for himself, managing to force even K. Rool into submission. Krusha is quite evil in this newfound state of mind, considering K. Rool not ruthless enough in his schemes. Despite K. Rool giving in to Krusha and letting him lead, Krusha considers him disposable, only intending to save him upon Klump's request. However by the end of the episode, Krusha gets run over again, once again becoming the dimwitted minion he always was and fortunately everyone survives.


  • Twice in the Donkey Kong series, two enemies have been mislabeled as Krusha; Knocka were called Krushas in Donkey Kong Land III and Kasplat were accidentally called Krushs in the Prima strategy guide for Donkey Kong 64.
  • Krusha is extremely strong and durable, but always is defeated for Donkey Kong in game, novel and TV series.
  • Confirmed by Gregg Mayles in his twitter which Kruncha is Krusha's pirate alter-ego.
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