Krunch the Kremling is a playable character that appears in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake. In these games, he is sent by King K. Rool to spy on Diddy Kong and his friends in Timber's Island to make sure they are not hatching an anti-Kremling plan. He, however, decides to help Diddy and his friends fight the evil Wizpig. He also wears a skull jacket. He also has a twin seen in the first cutscene of Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is unknown who the twin's name is and may have the same racing skills as Krunch, due to being twins.

Krunch has bad acceleration and handling, but has good speed in the game, making him the third fastest racer in the game.


  • He appears to have more of a bullying attitude in Diddy Kong Racing DS.
  • The skull on Krunch's jacket in Diddy Kong Racing DS was removed in the game, due to graphical limitations.
  • In the first cutscene of Diddy Kong Racing DS, he can be seen hissing to his twin. However, he does not hiss when selected as a playable character.
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