Kruller is the third boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is encountered and fought on Floor 3. Defeating Kruller rewards Luigi with the elevator button to the second floor. His name is a pun on "cruller," a type of donut and a reference to the stereotype of police enjoying donuts.


Kruller is an overweight purple ghost in a security guard uniform with sunglasses, blue eyes and mouth, and short black hair hidden under a security hat.

Luigi briefly witnesses Kruller as the latter is doing patrols on the third floor. After hearing noises, Kruller panics and tries to investigate the commotion, only to discover a mouse inside a flash vending machine. Dismissing it, he then enters his office, although he accidentally drops a key when entering it.

Luigi can look into the office and can see Kruller reading a book while playing around with the elevator button.

When Luigi enters the office afterward, he briefly faints from shock at Luigi entering, before entering the next room to find a suitable weapon to defend himself, ultimately getting a water pistol.

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