Kritter is a common Kremling subspecie more known and used as the main grunts of the Kremling Krew.

Physical Appearance

The common Kritters have red vertical eyes, bipedal bodies, yellow pectorals, arms, tail and sharp toenails. They have various colors in their scams, as: green (most common), blue, brown, yellow, gray or red.

In Donkey Kong Country, Kritters from Kremling Krew wears a set of useless shouldpads. In Donkey Kong 64, all Kritters wear leather vests with a skull-and-crossbones emblem in back , but some varieties have different additional pieces. As of DK: King of Swing, DK: Jungle Climber, Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast and Mario Super Sluggers, Kritters are significantly more muscular using spikes forearms, belts with skull buckle and ocher pants.


Kritter appears in nearly every Donkey Kong-based video game, starting with Donkey Kong Country, where it is one of the most common enemies in the game.


Others Kritters

  • Mushroom Kritter: In the Fungi Forest's daytime, blue Kritters wearing a mushroom disguise. The attacks is similar from Klobber, they will wait in the ground, looking like normal mushrooms. If a Kong approaches it, the Shroom will jump out at them and attack. When they attack, the Shroom will chase the Kong through the forest and the Kong can take some damage if touched by it. Shroom are fairly weak enemies and a few attacks can defeat easily.
  • Ghost Kritter: In the Creepy Castle, green Kritters wearing a bedsheet with two eyeholes, attempting to take on the appearance of a ghost. They attack the Kongs by simply running into them, but is can defeat easily.

Super Smash Bros.

In Brawl, he appears in the form of two trophies and two stickers. One of each for the normal Kritter and Goalie from Strikers. The normal sticker increases launch resistance by 12. Goalie sticker increased the character's special attack by 28 and both can be applied to any character.

In the 3DS version, two variations appear in Smash Run. They mostly function the same but they have different attack patterns. The green ones do 3 successive slash attacks while the blue ones  attack with a multi-hitting spinning tackle that can be used while jumping.

Trophy Descriptions

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


A member of the Kremlings. Led by King K. Rool, Kritters are the grunts of the army. They appear frequently in Donkey Kong Country in green, purple, blue, and other color variations—the blue ones will jump after Donkey Kong. Kritters also appear in Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast/Jet Race, pounding those barrels in pursuit of Donkey Kong.
Super Nintendo: Donkey Kong Country

Kritter (Goalie)

An underling of King K. Rool and the one and only goalie of Super Mario Strikers. In other words, it doesn't matter what team you play as—your goalie is going to be Kritter. Despite being at the very bottom of the Kremling ranks, he's responsible for what many might consider to be the toughest AND most important field position.
Wii: Mario Strikers Charged

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U


Kremlings are King K. Rool's minions from the Donkey Kong series, and they come in both green and blue varieties. Green ones will try to bite you repeatedly, and their last bite hurts the most! Blue ones will swipe at you with their sharp claws. Neither really knocks you back, so it's easy to get hit several times by them.
Super Nintendo - Donkey Kong Country - 11/1994
N64 - Donkey Kong 64 - 11/1999

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