Kalimba is one of the high-ranking members of the Tiki Tak Tribe and the first major antagonist encountered in Donkey Kong Country Returns.


After the eruption of Donkey Kong Island's volcano, Kalimba and his brethren were freed from their imprisonment and proceeded to steal all the island's bananas for their evil plot. After his release, Kalimba went across the Jungle hypnotizing all its inhabitants, which he used to steal all the bananas on the island, including Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard. To ensure that it would receive no trouble from the hoard's owner, Donkey Kong, it attempted to hypnotize him and make him one of its unwilling slaves, however its hypnotic powers had no affect on the big ape who then proceeded to deliver a massive beat down on the conniving Tiki and then sent it flying with a swift punch.

However this would not be the end of Kalimba who continued to make sure that its hypnotized minions would hinder Donkey Kong's progress, but to no avail as DK continued to defeat enemy after enemy, as he proceeded through the Jungle's paths. After getting through all the Jungle's obstacles, DK finally arrived at Kalimba's coliseum base where it was apparently feeding DK's bananas to Mugly. Angered by this, Donkey Kong prepared to fight Kalimba but the devious Tiki used his hypnotic powers to possess and control Mugly into fighting DK. After a long fight, Donkey Kong was able to defeat the beast and knock Kalimba out of it. DK then proceeded to beat up the Tiki and with another swift and powerful punch, he sent him flying once more.

Kalimba later appears during the final boss fight along with the eight other Tiki leaders where he transforms into one of Tiki Tong's hands and is used to fight the ape. It is destroyed, however, during the battle.

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