Kraid is a character from the Metroid series. His first game was the original Metroid for the NES. In Metroid, he was much smaller than his current design, and he also looked much different than the artist concept for the game. He usually appears as a boss in the Metroid games, excluding the Metroid Prime franchise, even though he was planned to be a boss in Metroid Prime. He also appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee in the background of the Brinstar Depths stage. He slashes at the main mass effectively rotating it and often preventing characters from returning to the stage if they fall. Kraid is a chubby monster with three bellybuttons, three red eyes,giant clawed hands, and a green body. Kraid is also one of the tallest bosses Samus ever fights,taking up two screens. In Metroid: Zero Mission, Kraid attacks by slashing you with its claws, shooting big nail like missiles out of each of its bellybuttons,and by throwing nails out of its claws. Note that the nail like things explode after a few seconds. To kill Kraid shoot a missile at its eye, (which will make it scream in pain or anger) then shoot a missile in its mouth when it is screaming.

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