Koopa the Quick who first appears in Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and its remake Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS. He appears in the first level, Bob-omb Battlefield where he challenges Mario to a race at the top of the mountain where King Bob-omb once reigned. If Mario uses the cannons or his wing cap, that's considered cheating! And Koopa The Quick won't give you a star. However, the warps aren't considered cheating. Later on in the game, he'll challenge him again on the big side of Tiny-Huge Island. This race is more challenging. Each time Mario wins, Koopa the Quick will give him a Power Star as he promised, like the Big Penguin.

He also appeared in the sequel, Super Mario 64 DS, where he would only race Mario. If another character came up to him, he would ask for Mario. A player who has not yet unlocked Mario could go and find his hat, go back, and then race him.

Il Piantissimo and Spooky Speedster play a similar role in Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, respectively. In the Super Mario Sunshine, Il Piantissimo will challenge Mario multiple times to race him.

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