Koopa Koot is an elderly Koopa Troopa in Paper Mario. He lives in Koopa Village and is friends with Goompa and Bootler. During his youth, the three traveled the globe in search of adventure. However, his adventuring days are now over. In fact, he needs other people to run errands for him. Mario helps Koopa Koot perform twenty tasks that the old Koopa cannot do by himself. One errand involves Mario retrieving a picture of the three old adventurers (Koopa Koot, Goompa, and Bootler) from a Boo in Boo's Mansion named Franky, who says that Koopa Koot has always used people and was engaged in a few altercations because of that, after which started his habit of adventure. Franky also says that Koopa Koot's motto is "If it moves, use it until it drops." Often, Koopa Koot rewards Mario with a single Coin. Occasionally, Mario receives a better reward, including Star Pieces or memberships to the game parlor in Toad Town.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Bowser, when asked who he is by Bub or Pennington, the player can choose to tell them his name is Koopa Koot, who Bowser describes as an "all-time ancient babbler" that threatens to "bore [them] to death.".


  • This is the oldest Koopa in Koopa Village. His name is Koopa Koot. He's famous for being selfish, stingy and impatient. He doesn't ask for things that are impossible, but you can bet the tasks will be hard and time-consuming.


  • In the Crystal Palace, four Duplighosts will try to disguise themselves as Kooper, but their cloaks fail and one ends up as Koopa Koot.
  • In Paper Mario, there is a gossip about Koopa Koot posted by "An anonymous Koopa" on the back side of Toad Town's notice board. The Koopa describes Koopa Koot as "a pretty self-centered old Koopa".
  • After Chapter 6, a Toad in the Toad Town port mentions how Koopa Koot once traveled to Flower Fields in his younger days and, according to Koopa Koot, "valiantly saved Wise Wisterwood". The Toad also mentions he was the most famous Koopa and explorer in the land, and that this would have an influence in Kolorado's adventuring life.
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