Koopa Beach 2 is the second course of the Special Cup in Super Mario Kart. It was subsequently reused in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the first track in the Extra Special Cup and in Mario Kart DS as the first track in the Leaf Cup. It is set on a large sandbank in the middle of a blue sea. Its obstacles are deep patches of water and bouncing Cheep Cheeps.

Course Layout

The race starts in a small patch of sand surrounded by grass. Most of the ? Panels are on the straightaway after the first turn, and to the left of this straightaway behind a wall is a ramp, which can be reached with a Feather. The racers must drive through a large section of shallow water with many patches of deep water as well as Cheep Cheeps. There is a small patch of land amidst the water with a lone ? Panel on it.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

The course reappeared in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and is the first track in the Extra Special Cup. It uses the background from Shy Guy Beach, including the pirate ship. The Cheep Cheeps were removed from the track. Since there is no Feather item in this game, the small ramp in the middle area is unreachable. However, the ramp was not removed despite this; The player can still see it over the wall.

Mario Kart DS

Koopa Beach 2 reappears again in Mario Kart DS as the first course in the Leaf Cup. Though it is slightly longer, it is still one of the shortest tracks in the game. The island which originally had one Item Box on it is now bigger and has three of them. A bit of moss was removed near the finish line. It was never available in Wi-Fi play.

Official Descriptions

  • Mario Kart DS Sites:
NA "Watch out for the deep pools of water and rough sand as you cruise through the Koopa Beach 2 track. This is a short course, so there's no time to lose!"
EU "The colour of the water in Koopa Beach 2 tells you how deep it is. Stay in the lighter-coloured shallow water and avoid the dark patches, otherwise you'll be wishing they fitted your kart with a propeller. A school of jumping fish must be avoided too if you're going to stay dry."
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