Koopa's tycoon town

Luigi upgrading a hotel.

Koopa's Tycoon Town is one of the six boards in Mario Party 8. It is very different from the other boards. In this board players have to buy hotels using their Coins. If their hotel Coins add up to twenty Coins, it will upgrade to a Two Star Hotel and the player will get two Stars from that hotel. If it adds up to fifty Coins, the hotel will upgrade to a Three Star Hotel and the player will get three Stars. Players can buy other players' hotels if they have enough coins. On this board, the Lucky Space will bring players to a Three Star Hotel that will only cost one Coin to get. On each square of the Lucky Space, there are three Coins. If players step on the Lucky Space the furthest from the starting spot, he/she will be brought to a Three Star Hotel in the east. The other Lucky Space will bring him/her to a hotel in the west. In order for the player to win, he or she has to have the most number of Stars when the game ends.

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