Ko Shiota (born August 7, 1969) is the Senior General Manager of Nintendo's hardware department, the Nintendo Platform Technology Development, as well as a Executive Supervisor of Manufacturing Division and a Director, Executive Member of the Board and Senior Executive Officer at the company.


Shiota originally joined Nintendo R&D3 in April 1992 as a console developer under Genyo Takeda, starting with the AV Famicom. Later on, he became part of Nintendo IRD Division, Product Development Department, Development Group No. 2, where he was in charge of researching semiconductor technology for the development of the Wii. Afterwards, Shiota became the Deputy General Manager of IRD's Product Development Department, where he supervised the overall development of the Wii U console and Wii U Gamepad.

In 2015, Shiota was appointed as General Manager of the Platform Technology Development Division, taking over Genyo Takeda as he became Technology Fellow and eventually retired from the company. This would follow by his appointment as Executive Officer on June 2016, and as Director and Senior Executive Officer on June 2017. In this position, Shiota was in charge of overseeing the hardware development of the Nintendo Switch, as well as its revised OLED Model later on.

In July 2023, Shiota was appointed as Executive Supervisor of Manufacturing Division.

Hardware Works[]