Knucklotec is the Boss of the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. He is based off of the real-world Olmec civilization sculpted heads. He holds a green Multi Moon that will be dropped once he is defeated.


Knucklotec fight

Before the battle, the top of his head can be seen sticking out of the ground in the middle of the Sand Kingdom desert. He is properly encountered when Mario enters the hole beneath the Inverted Pyramid, he blame the disappearance of the ring he is supposed to protect on Mario and attack him.

In battle, Knucklotec slams his fists into the ground to crush Mario, Mario must force him to slam them on a ice crystal, this will disable momentarily the targeted hand, once the hand is stunned, Mario can Capture it to punch Knucklotec in the face when Mario is propulsing the hand toward Knucklotec, the boss will throw ice rocks at him to slow him down. After Knucklotec is hit by Mario, he will slide his fists across the battlefield once and will makes ice crystals fall on the ground, those crystal must be avoided or else they will cause damage. After being hit twice, Knucklotec will gain a new attack which is him trying to crush Mario between his clapping hands. After three hit, he will be defeated.

Knucklotec can be rematched in one of the painting of the Mushroomy Kingdom, during the rematch, he has exactly the same attacks but all of them summons Chinchos which makes them harder to avoid.


  • He has several similarities to Eyerok from Super Mario 64, due to both being ancient stone guardians found underground in deserts, having giant floating hands, and speaking in broken grammar.
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